Why you should Interrail

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

If you've ever met me you'll know that there will be an almost daily reference to interrail, I've done it twice now and its hands down one of the best things I've ever done, so here are my reasons why everyone should interrail just once.

1. You discover places you never knew existed from Lake Bled (pictured), to an absolutely ridiculous 28 room club in Budapest it gives you the freedom to explore literally wherever the pass will go.
2. It encourages you to be a bit more independent, no one does it for you. You book your flights, book your hostels, plan the route and cook for yourself - yes you may eat copious amounts of pesto pasta but it was you who made it.
3. The Nightlife is unlike anything you've ever seen, we rocked up to Prague mid week and the nightlife could beat the most major UK cities.
4. And whilst it can easily be a lads holiday with the mental pub crawls you can still be cultural and walk along the Berlin Wall with a stinking hangover.
5. Eventually every bad thing will be funny - the time we got to our hostel which had blood on the toilet floor and a broken lock on the door? Absolutely hysterical to us now, doing it with great friends makes it the ultimate bonding experience.
6. There are all sorts of people in hostels who you might not meet otherwise, yes there will always be someone taking a four year long gap year who's finding themselves, or someone who's stepped on European soil a matter of hours ago and it a renowned expert. But most are absolutely lovely and will be great pals to you.
7. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, last July when we went for our first trip I refused to ever get my arms out but the Budapest heat wave broke me and everything was more than fine.
8. The memories you make are irreplaceable going on a month long adventure with your best friend is something you will be rabbiting onto your kids about.
Have you interrailed?

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