Wednesday, 12 August 2015

So theres been a distinct amount of radio silence in this little corner of the internet, and for once it's not due to nonchalance but to being pretty damn busy.
So lets have a catch up shall we?
After exams came to a close I set about actually celebrating my 18th and catching up with friends.
By the time July rolled round I was all prepared for an adventure, said adventure being interrailing, we spent 23 days travelling over 10 countries galavanting and generally having the time of our lives, if you want you can have a cheeky nose of my Instagram to see just how damn cute we were (full post on that adventure to follow).
Now I've thrown myself back into work to fund the travel bug I've seemed to have caught.
And I am now patiently awaiting my A-level results which arrive 6:30am tomorrow morning, they are going to decide if I can full steam ahead with the gap year I've planned out.
Results regardless expect plenty more activity on here.
How has your summer been so far?

18 Things at 18

Monday, 15 June 2015

Today I turned eighteen which to be frank is completely surreal I spent ages wanting to be eighteen and it's creeped up on me all of a sudden. After a whole weekend of being throughly spoilt, I thought I'd give you a run down of "life lessons" from a naive eighteen year old.
1. Sleep and laughter can cure anything, the doses may vary.
2. A good red lipstick will make you feel like a queen on even your worse days.
3. Some people may never like you, no matter how hard you try and that okay.
4. It may hurt like hell but everything passes.
5. A properly fitting bra will change not only your boobs but your figure.
6. Getting even drunker at a party because your sad will end in a whole heap of trouble.
7. Everything does things at different paces, some rode a bike at 4 I did it at 14.
8. Boys are never worth crying over, especially when you spent a good twenty minutes on your eye makeup.
9. Your mum is always right; about you needing a coat and telling you not to dip dye your hair.
10. Writing a diary will make you feel so much better, even if re reading it makes you cringe and feel like a little bit of a psychopath.
11. No one is looking at your tummy, everyone else is usually to wrapped up in their own insecurities to point out yours.
12. When it all goes to shit there is always tea (peppermint preferably).
13. People care about you more than you realise.
14. Friends and Family are the most important things.
15. The girls who were practically Beyonce in high school peaked early, there is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer.
16. Boobs OR Bum never both.
17. Saying yes more brings more good than bad.
18. Your always doing better than you think.

One and Only

Monday, 1 June 2015

My makeup stash is a little bit like Ariel's treasure trove, there's a lot to it. I've got countless blushes, a whole Pantone spectrum of red lipsticks and god knows how many shimmery taupe eyeshadows.
But I only have one bronzer which is somewhat of a miracle.
Benefit's Hoola was in fact my first ever high end makeup purchase, and damn was it a good one.
Bronzer always scared me after borrowing my friends Sum Shimmer I ended up having every single pore emphasised by an orangey shimmer.
But that's the beauty of Hoola, its completely matte and its slight grey undertone doesn't make me look orange even in the depths of winter, not to mention the fact that a liberal dusting makes my complexion look tanned and healthy.
It's no wonder as to why it's my one and only, what's your favourite bronzer?

A Weekend Away

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So last weekend we went to visit some of our family in l-ovely Ireland right by cork and I thought I'd share a few snaps with you. 
We kissed the Blarney Stone for the second time round giving us even more "gift of the gab", ate our bodyweight in amazing roast dinners an generally explored.
The weekend was topped of by a visit to Fota wildlife park and learning all about the art of Whisky at the Jameson factory.
Have you had a weekend away recently?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cafe St Germain, Over the Taupe

When I first started to love makeup drugstore eyeshadows were very "meh", chalky, un-pigmented and generally messy due to the large amount of fall out.
But the drugstore have massively upped their game and the L'oreal Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadow's have blown me away.
While they are pressed they have a texture which is far creamy than that of Urban Decay and the lasting power is phenomenal. They can be a sheer shimmery wash of colour or built up to be a full impact glitter. The shades I picked up are similar but so versatile and at just over a fiver they beat MAC individual shadows hands down.
Have you tried these?

Mother's Day

Sunday, 15 March 2015

It was a toss up between posting this on International Women's Day and today, because despite all  the Beyonce anthems I listen to my mum is my ultimate role model, and if I'm a little bit like her when I grow up then I'll be doing more than okay.
My mum is the strongest women I know she's never let anything get in her way, she gained a degree whilst working full time and having two kids under the age of five, she's worked unbelievably hard to get a career which she loves.
She also takes no sh*t from anyone, despite being only 5'3 she can hold her own against whomever and as well as being independent and sassy as hell she has a heart of absolute gold.
Mum currently is working not one but two jobs and after working a hugely long working week she will happily throw open the doors of our home and be a brilliant hostess anyone, is welcome for a cup of tea and a chat.
Mum constantly reminds my sister and I of our worth and is a shoulder to cry on and an inspiration rolled into one and I am so lucky to have her.

Coconut Oil

Sunday, 8 March 2015

I think Coconut Oil may well be my desert island beauty product, it does pretty much everything; a super nourishing hair mask, makeup remover, leaves skin super smooth and more recently I've been trying oil pulling.
Since using it my skin has never been so soft and smooth all thanks to one ingredient, all my other lotions and potions have been pushed aside in favour of this absolute natural beauty gem.
I seriously cannot recommend it enough, its cheap and cheerful and has done more for my skin and hair than anything else ever has.
Do you use Coconut Oil?